Verification of trading records

One of the great advantages of Pinnacle is that it will set the record straight once and for all concerning who can, and who cannot, trade profitably and consistently. In providing guidance on this matter alone, we believe we will be doing the trading community a tremendous service. Paid services teaching others to trade, or telling them what to trade, is big business, and nearly always takes place without any good evidence that the teacher is a competent trader. Continue reading “Verification of trading records”

Copy trading: The smart way to grow your money

Not everyone wants to trade, but everyone would like to boost their income through the return they get on their money. Largely for this reason copy trading has seen an explosion of popularity in recent years. We will bring you trustworthy, reliable, certified traders to copy. We will swing the probability of making money from trading squarely back in your favour, and away from the banks and other large players who have dominated markets and profits for too long. Continue reading “Copy trading: The smart way to grow your money”

Pinnacle trading bots

We want to get away from the idea that trading takes time and effort. It doesn’t have to. We hope that hours of looking over charts will become a thing of the past, at least for those who do not want to do it. As well as our copy trading facilities which allow you to take the same trades as experienced, profitable traders with proven records, we will offer a variety of automated trading robots, better known as “bots.” Continue reading “Pinnacle trading bots”

Brilliance utility, and why we preferred stellar to ethereum

We broke with the established convention and chose not to use ethereum for development. This was primarily because the transaction speed and fee for stellar is far superior to ethereum. As our token will be used to transfer information within and between exchanges – for example to create blockchain based confirmation of trader performance, or for arbitrage – we need a token which will transfer quickly and cheaply. We could not achieve satisfactory utility using an ethereum token. The role that Brilliance plays, in harmony with the Pinnacle infrastructure, will be unique in crypto. Continue reading “Brilliance utility, and why we preferred stellar to ethereum”